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Hi there 👋,

Thank you for checking out Supertweak. Before you purchase, I hope you have installed the extension from Chrome Webstore and tried it out. If not, please do so. (webstore link)

You're buying the unpacked extension with the installation instructions in a zip folder. It will be downloaded automatically after payment is completed and you are redirected to the website. As a free addition, you'll receive the link to the Chrome webstore version and an activation key for the same in your email. The Chrome webstore version will be updated automatically when new versions are released.

How many devices can I use this in?

You can use this on any number of your personal devices. This also applies to work devices provided to you by your employer.

Why is the zipped extension code the primary sale item and not the license key?

Chrome extensions are primarily installed through the extension store. But that takes away your choice of disabling auto-update and removes any possibility of modifying it to better suit your needs. Also, you may lose access to the product in case it is discontinued in the future and removed from webstore. With the unpacked extension, you can expect it to be useful even if if the product is discontinued in the future.
But for convenience, you're also getting access to the web store version as free addition.

Do you provide team licenses?

Not at the moment.

Can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with your purchase, just shoot a mail at within 14 days for a refund.

What versions of Chrome does this support?

It is tested in Chrome 98.xx and Chrome 107.xx. But it should work from Chrome 88+ If you encounter any issues, please contact support

Are there any limitations or bugs?

  • In case of bugfixes, the chrome webstore version may take a few days to catch up to the latest release (i.e the one you get as zip) due to the Webstore review time
  • Plugins are not supported yet. Config editor is pretty basic and you may find some inconsitencies.
  • Some tailwind properties are not yet supported. eg: divide-x-reverse
  • Data type hints in arbitrary values (eg: text-[length:var(--length)]) doesn't work
  • Not all config properties are supported yet. For example,Prefix and Separator
  • In the rare case where you need to modify the unpacked extension code to better fit your workflow, the codebase is not very tidy.
  • There may be some performance issues on heavy websites, depending on your machine.
  • There are other minor bugs like guides alignment. If you find one, please let me know via email

I have another question

Your questions are most welcome. Please send an email to

I hope you'll find Supertweak useful as much as I do. Have an amazing day :)

- Althaf

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